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The Davidson County Veterans Court was established with a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice through the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in October of 2014.


Beginning in 2008 with the first dedicated Veterans Court in Buffalo, New York, Veterans Courts have been established across the nation with a remarkable record of success in returning veterans in distress to a productive life as a full participant in society.


Veterans Courts embody the concept of restorative justice, involving the defendant in the process of treatment and rehabilitation to address the causes of a crime that brought them to the court, rather than merely locking them away with no prospect to rehabilitate themselves.


In today’s dangerous and evolving world, veterans are returning from battlefields never before encountered in America’s military history. Many return with deep physical and psychological damage, traumatic brain injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among other issues. Veterans often seek to deal with their problems without professional assistance through the use of alcohol and/or drugs.


The resulting addictions can lead to alienation from friends and family, inability to find and keep a job, frustration with their life and ultimately commission of a crime.


Through a program of supervision and treatment, the professionals on staff of the court work with the veteran to address the causes of their problem and help them regain the ability to assert control over their life. Nationally, Veterans Treatment Courts have a success rate exceeding 80%.


The Veterans Court program is difficult and demanding. There is no acceptance of excuses and the court does not absolve the veteran of responsibility for their actions. What we do is provide the structure and assistance to veterans with a goal of giving them back control of their lives.


For the men and women who have given of themselves to protect our nation, we should do no less.

The Veterans Court treatment team is here to help you be successful

as you progress through the court program.

Mark Winslow



The Director oversees all operations of the Veterans Court and implements the structure and policy of the court under the supervision of Judge Melissa Blackburn. The Director maintains court compliance with state and federal regulations as well as managing the court’s budget/finance matters.

Trish Breeding, MS, LADAC II, ADS

Assistant Director


The Veterans Court Assistant Director is responsible for supervision of Client Specialists and leads the team in matters involving direct care of Veterans Court clients. The Assistant Director provides the Judge with updates as to the progress of clients within the program and recommendations on treatment regimens.

Eric Lilly

Veterans Court Client Specialists




Client Specialists are responsible for monitoring and assisting those clients assigned to them throughout their time in the Veterans Court Program. Erica and Ian work with Veterans to develop treatment plans, monitor abstinence from alcohol and substance abuse, assist with housing and all supervise other aspects of treatment mandated by the court.

William Jordan

Veterans Court

Mentor Coordinator

The Mentor Coordinator identifies and trains Veterans who wish to serve as support for the participants of the court program.

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