If you are an attorney with a client in the Davidson County criminal justice system who may be a veteran and a candidate for the VTC program, please contact the VTC office at 615.862.8320. Or you may download the court application as well as consult the Attorney Checklist to see if your client might qualify and if you have all the necessary documentation to begin the assessment process.


We look forward to working with you to put your client back on the road to success!

Steps You Need To Take

1.  Talk With Your Client

• Walk your client through the VTC Participant Handbook.

• Explain to them that this IS a treatment program NOT a way out of charges.

• Explain they will be randomly tested for substances and alcohol. The Court

considers missed tests to be positive screens.

• If the client wishes to pursue VTC the attorney completes the application



2.  Complete the Application

• Applications will not be considered unless they include the following:


1. A copy of the participant's DD214 (for veterans) or ERB (if they are currently


2. A completed application form.

3. Copy of warrant/s.

4. Documentation of any current treatment participation for substance abuse and/or

mental health programs.


• Once the application is completed and the necessary documents have been

acquired, the attorney must get approval from the DA and obtain the DA's

signature on the application. (The case remains in General Sessions court if the DA

does not agree.) Once signed turn in all documents to the Court Coordinator Trish


• Attorneys MUST attend the VTC orientation with their client(s).


3.  The VTC Team Deliberates

• The VTC Team considers the application and gives a recommendation on

acceptance to Judge Blackburn.

• If the client is accepted, the VTC Team considers and votes on the proposed

disposition of charges.


4.  Decisions Are Made

• The attorney and your client will appear during the following VTC docket on

Monday at 1:30 in Courtroom 3-B to meet Judge Blackburn and receive

instructions from the court.

• The attorney discusses the contract with the client and confirms that they still

want to enter the VTC.

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